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Electric Guitars

Electric Guitar. It’s the iconic instrument of rock ‘n’ roll-and all popular music.

Acoustic Guitars

The ideal guitars for anyone on a budget, these guitars are perfectly distilled for an inviting and inspiring playing experience.

Bass Guitars

Popular music bands and rock groups use the bass guitar as a member of the rhythm section, which provides the chord sequence or “progression” and sets out the “beat” for the song.


There are many famous electronic keyboardists in metal, rock, pop and jazz music


Checkout our Range of Drums


Regardless of price range, every single ukulele we sell goes through a process to meet our stringent requirements.


Superb quality, elegant appearance, elaborate design and durable strings make our banjo’s high-end and classy.

Music Lessons

We offer all types of Music Tuition ranging from Vocal, Guitar, Drums, Keyboard etc.

Vocal Lessons

We offer all types of Vocal Lessons from Children all the way to Adult. We can tailor a solution that fits your requirements.

Band Reheasal Room - Jam with a Band

Want some space to practise or simply jam with your band. We have the place here.

Music Accessories

We offer all complete range of music accessories.

CD's / DVD's / Music Books

We offer all complete range of CD’s, DVD’s and Music Books to suit your needs.

Why Choose Us

Professional Staff

Each of our Staff are highly trained Musicians with over 20 years of experience

Great Ideas

Our knowledge and experience can help you find what you are looking for.

We Love what we Do.

What sets us apart from the competition is that we’re passionate about the products & services we provide and the quality of our support.